Where is Clear Lake WI?

There it is.

What products should I get for my new puppy?

Please visit our Pet Nutrition page to learn why we have chosen Life's Abundance.

I'm thinking of adding a second dog to our family- What do you recommend?

Even an older, dominant-personality dog will adapt easily to a new puppy.  Adult dogs are naturally tolerant of youngsters, and the two will adjust their positions in the social hierarchy as the puppy grows.  Adding either the same or opposite-sexed puppy to your first dog will work in most cases, but getting a puppy of the opposite sex is a sure-fire guarantee of success, as they will never have to vie for the same position in the social ladder.

Can I have my puppy shipped to me?

Currently, air flight out of Minneapolis/ St Paul airport will cost about $325-$400 (depending on airline and distance traveled).  This includes the flight, an approved travel crate (which you can then use for crate-training your puppy), and a veterinary health certificate.  If the puppy is old enough for a rabies shot, that will be required plus an additional $25.00.  But the flight is very easy on the puppy, and very easy for you. Just give us the date, time, and city and we'll take care of the rest.

You may also handle all the booking yourself and we will handle getting the puppy on board. You may also choose a quick round trip flight where you take your puppy on board with you.  A minimum fee will be required for the additional vet check up and travel time. Keep in mind we do live in Wisconsin and winter shipment of pets may be delayed by a number of days due to cold conditions.  The required temps are subject to each airline.

If I have placed a deposit on a puppy and do not want to pick up the puppy as soon as it is ready to leave the litter mates at 8 weeks old, will you hold the puppy for us?

Puppies are usually picked up the day of, or the weekend following the date they turn eight weeks old.  If you make arrangements with us ahead of time, we are willing to keep your puppy with us for an extended amount of time.  Full purchase price is required upon the regularly scheduled departure date. We charge $150 a week for boarding.  This includes the additional food, deworming, possible immunizations, and care the puppy will require while they are with us. We will also begin crate training and potty training. (This service is only available to accommodate our customers with extreme scheduling conflicts when picking up their new puppies. It is not intended as a boarding service and is subject to our availability. Thank you)

Can I meet the mothers when I come to pick out my puppy?

Certainly, our dogs are quite comfortable with visitors and they seem to be convinced that you are visiting them and not their puppies.

Will my new puppy get along with my cat?

Yes! The pups are all young enough to adapt to any new situation they are exposed to.  Depending on your cat, the new puppy may become its best friend, or your cat may stay completely aloof but accepting of the new pup after the introductory period.

Do you accept visitors to your home?

We accept visits from serious prospective buyers only, and only when we have a litter old enough (seven-eight weeks) for them to consider.

Can I bring my other dog when we come to visit?

Sorry, but no.  While you may wonder how  your pet will react to the new pup, it does not work well for us to invite any new dog into our home because it causes too much excitement for our own dogs, and because we don’t want to introduce any diseases into our environment which other dogs may potentially carry.  However, as you consider the question, remember that dogs are pack animals, and will get used to another dog in their house after the introductory period is over.

What things should I have available to bring my new puppy home?

We very much encourage crate-training, so a crate just big enough for your puppy to lie down and stand up in comfortably is perfect; food and water bowls; a collar and leash, a few toys and puppy food. We will provide a your first bag of Life's Abundance  as a starter.

Can I pick out my puppy in person?

For sure.  When the puppies are 8 weeks old we have meet and greet sessions for those who have secured their picks of the litter. This is a great way to interact with each puppy and choose the best fit for you.  The appointments are set up based on the order of the deposits received.  However, some people may know what puppy they want based on gender and colors and they choose by the pictures we supply.