Finnley (the Cockapoo) Says Hello!

What Finnley's Family has to say:

"He is 24.5 lbs. His color is a blend of browns that looks almost silvery in the sun.

"I'd just like to thank you two once again for your acceptance of Inga and I as parents and your work with him as a puppy to be so people friendly and so happy to meet new dogs. He has been an awesome addition to our family and is now who our relatives look forward to seeing when we come to town. We constantly have friends who want to have him for weekends to "test out" having a dog and I have to warn them about how good he is and that's not always the case with every dog you get. I think that good behavior started young with your family.

"Thanks once again, just wanted to give you an update so you can judge color and size.

Best doggie decision ever!

Brandon and Inga"

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