"The vision for His Safe Haven is to provide hope, care and love to children with special needs and their  families, through training, programs and encouragement, while educating churches and communities on how to come alongside these families."

We are striving to improve life for special needs children

and their families in Liberia!

--Christina Hoffman,

  Founder & Executive Director

She recognizes how she has been incredibly blessed in her life to live in a country with such an abundance of resources!  Yet,  in this small world of ours, not far from our front door, are desperate circumstances with little access or resources. "I feel we all have the desire  to help others when we see a need."

In Liberia, the lack of resources and the negative stigma placed on these children, leave families feeling they have little or no hope.  So many of these children risk being abandoned. "My quiet and simple life was changed forever!  I made the choice to be a voice for these children and their families!"

With that desire in her heart, she started training foster moms to take in abandoned children and those with special needs.  It was after working with these children and building a trusted relationship with the government, that she was blessed with the His Safe Haven vision of building a village with care and outreach programs. Many are looking to make a difference in our world!  If you are, please join us!

Meet the Hoffman Family! (Click here to visit their website for His Safe Haven) Scott & Christina have been married for 25 years they are parents to 6 children (3 biological and 3 adopted). They also have 1 daughter-in-law and a beautiful grandaughter.


"I fell in love with Liberia over 7 years ago, through the adoption of our son who has Cerebral Palsy. God has placed a burden in my heart for the abandoned special needs children in Liberia, and through this, he also placed a vision for His Safe Haven in my heart!" Christina says.


She has been working with 'special needs' children in Liberia for 7 years now, and she says she is "truly humbled and blessed" to be such a small part of these beautiful little lives in Liberia. She knows none of this would have been possible without our heavenly Father! "Plus having a supportive husband, children, family, church and friends." she adds.